Thursday, December 31

Happy 2010

Okay dude, lets see what you got for me this year around.

Bye 2009 You have been such an excruciating year, hope you rot in hell.

1.Macbook Pro
5.Abroad studies, US of A hopefully. Majoring in Economics or Business Marketing/Management or Editorial or Fashion Retail, I am putting laws on consideration too but from what I observed career in law does not have a really bright future and its boring too, thus I am putting it off

In the upcoming years I must set a higher goal target of to achieve as I am not getting any younger, and also no longer in the confined ambient of space called school. My future must be set meticulously without any flaws as flaws will result me in deep remorse.

And I seriously cant wait on what the world has to offer in the future. Apart from the aggravating world issues on never ending politic and wars, come on I know you guys can do better than that.

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  1. u u stop following my blog yg lame taw.
    follow yg ini yg new URL.

    u kene tekan stop Following then follow balik.
    if tk nnty tk bole dpt updates. thanks. :)


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