Tuesday, January 12

This is hard

After doing some research on what program should I take after SPM.

I resolved with a few program that interest me. They are

American Degree Program(ADP)
Basically ADP allows you to do a straight degree without the hassle of taking Diploma program that might held you up. I think ADP is a great program for me to enroll in because it allows me to do a Major and Minor which is a great thing, you can learn various other thing. This is what I favor about ADP, they will train us to become a Jack of all trades. However, this program is expensive as it will cost me around MYR25000 - MYR45000 for the first two years in Malaysia and another MYR80000 - MYR160000 would come in addition for the remaining two year in USA.OMGGGG, I really want to do this program. but my parents burden will be heavier. Last but not least, even though its expensive but I think it worth every penny you spend. This program guarantee a bright future.

Australian Matriculation(AUSMAT)
My second preferred program. AUSMAT is a Pre-U program. This program is not much to be talk about, but I will tell you about this AUSMAT program. If I were to enroll in this AUSMAT program I will do it locally in Local Private College that will not penetrate my parents pocket to a hole because for a 10 to 8 months of study the cost of this AUSMAT is around MYR10650 which is not expensive at all. And my plan is, upon completing this program I will pursue a degree in USA. Taking this might save a lot of money, urghhh maybe not because a Degree in USA Might cost MYR200000 and over?