Thursday, December 31

Happy 2010

Okay dude, lets see what you got for me this year around.

Bye 2009 You have been such an excruciating year, hope you rot in hell.

1.Macbook Pro
5.Abroad studies, US of A hopefully. Majoring in Economics or Business Marketing/Management or Editorial or Fashion Retail, I am putting laws on consideration too but from what I observed career in law does not have a really bright future and its boring too, thus I am putting it off

In the upcoming years I must set a higher goal target of to achieve as I am not getting any younger, and also no longer in the confined ambient of space called school. My future must be set meticulously without any flaws as flaws will result me in deep remorse.

And I seriously cant wait on what the world has to offer in the future. Apart from the aggravating world issues on never ending politic and wars, come on I know you guys can do better than that.

Tuesday, December 29

Looking at Breasts is Healthy eh?

Bukan aku yang cakap, researchers says so.

they said that by only looking at those humps for 10 minutes we can already save 20 minutes of going to the gym, because looking and drooling over those lumps is equivalent to a 30 minutes aerobics workout. and also prolongs our lifespan by 5 years! Dude thats ALOT *ada peluang nak cecah 1000 tahun?

Maybe thats why Pamela Anderson and other women, beria-ria nk implant-kan silicones even though it can cost you a fortune! well not really a fortune for them but for me its a fortune! The highly coveted implant starts from $4,005 or MYR13,800*Roughly figured! damn boleh beli highest spec Macbook Pro 17' and there's still a few green to spend on Iphone 3GS , rupanya nak sihatkan lelaki.muslihatnya.

What about you guys? Do you guys feel any healthier in any terms after admiring and indulge yourself with breasts photography and whatnot ?  I dont   -__-

Kalau betul, government patut tubuhkan kan klinik khas untuk memanjangkan umur lelaki. Dan nama klinik itu should be KLINIK MEMANJANGKAN UMUR LELAKI TANPA UBAT HANYA PERLU TENGOK dan semua staff disana akan memakai latest season bra by Scarlett and Triumph warna putih sahaja, yang size nya 36D, yang dimana semua girls akan bercita-cita untuk menjadi staff di klinik-klinik itu kerana salah satu benefit is FREE SILICONE IMPLANT. Tapi guarantee aku tak akan datang.

And how about Homos? Will they experience the same impact as Straights?


Monday, December 28

Duit oh Duit

Bila nak dapat gaji ni? Aku dah pokai lah sial -_-

and bila dah dapat gaji aku nak beli ipod touch dengan Blackberry, ceh macam cukup je -_-


Okay aku sakit, suffering from conjuctivitis and fever. So tidak boleh kerja lah, tak guna guna betul

Tuesday, December 22

Lost and gain

Went to KLCC and Pavilion with my friend Zul for job hunting from morning till night, I searched high and low for job at Forever 21, Pull And Bear, Quicksilver and finally I go for Topman again after my previous attempt failed, I asked for a job again from this one particular short guy and then he called upon for his Supervisor Man Man! He was a friendly and fashionable guy then he gave me a form for me to fill in again, after I filled in the form he interviewed me, had a little talk about Topman fashion and stuff finally I got the job

Oh yeah, my friend Zul he got himself a job at Dome cafe KLCC as a part timer, talking about Dome and it rekindles me a memory when I worked there, It was fun working in there but I am not interested to work in F&B field anymore as I am into fashion retail now

Saturday, December 19


Shit! Im bored staying at home, and Topman still hasnt call me for an interview yet :(

Friday, December 18


I need a job to feed my lust, I hope to work at Topman

Saturday, December 5


I think next week after my Perdagangan paper which is my second last paper I will be heading to KLCC and Pavilion to lurk around and have fun there, NOT ! Im gonna search high and low for job at a clothing shop

and also Im gonna get myself a new guitar next week, ahh now I can practice peacefully with my soon-to-get guitar, and also Im gonna look around for cheapest contact lens, and yeah Im gonna wear contacts after this, due to its comfortableness and thus made easy for me to be active


I think after spm I want to travel to other country to feel and experience other cultures, and of course I want to do all that solely all by myself 

Thursday, December 3


I picked up a new hobby, that hobby is translating language :)

I choose this hobby because I think I'am in the need of taking my language to the next level of intuition, this will not only sharpen my language skill but also my reading skill as now I commit myself to read at faster than what I usually did

commendable effort eh ?

Wednesday, December 2


the ready set replied to my tweet !
I love his music :)