Tuesday, December 22

Lost and gain

Went to KLCC and Pavilion with my friend Zul for job hunting from morning till night, I searched high and low for job at Forever 21, Pull And Bear, Quicksilver and finally I go for Topman again after my previous attempt failed, I asked for a job again from this one particular short guy and then he called upon for his Supervisor Man Man! He was a friendly and fashionable guy then he gave me a form for me to fill in again, after I filled in the form he interviewed me, had a little talk about Topman fashion and stuff finally I got the job

Oh yeah, my friend Zul he got himself a job at Dome cafe KLCC as a part timer, talking about Dome and it rekindles me a memory when I worked there, It was fun working in there but I am not interested to work in F&B field anymore as I am into fashion retail now


  1. fuyo dapat keje! Topman kat mana satu ni?

  2. Best gilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, discount discount! ;)

  3. Aku rasa Zariq ni mmg tak baca comment org LOL haha. Sibuk bekerja


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