Tuesday, March 1

Where the lines overlap

Bonjour A hole?!

After long procrastination and... Um nothing. I decided to post something once more for the very first time in 2011, I know its already the beginning of march not to say Im that busy or anything, its just that I procrastinated way too much than I usually do.

Anyway, Im already in half of the second semester in my college, this semester is just okay I guess. Not much to do and the assignments is still not that much :D  And my day of classes is still 3 days a week which is the same as the previous second semester. Well I was hoping that my classes are 2 days a week instead of three. Hahahah. Subjects Im taking this semester which will end very soon is as follow;

Environmental Science; I like this subject though, but.... I don't like the lecturer, I mean there was a change of lecturer, I liked the first lady lecturer and I don't like this very grumpy old lady lecturer though that Ive never been in her class yet, but from what I heard she's a total maniac meany lecturer. Okay ENOUGH

College Algebra; Believe it or not Ive only been to this class once :P Not much to say about this. Math you know... BORING AS EVER.

Sociology; Ahhh Ive got the same lecturer who taught me Cultural Anthropology last sem, not to complain or anything but in my personal view, I think its better for me not to enter this class AT ALL! I can just study all this sociology things by my own self. But the lecturer is a nice chap though he's an old man, around 70 I presume.

Basic Comp II; Needless to say, this is the best class I think for this semester and not to mention the best lecturer Ive met so far! This lecturer is just so funny and talkative unlike my previous Basic Comp lecturer.. sighhh.

Alright I think I can only churn out this much as of now.

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